Caratart Bombolo

The caratart Hotel is named after Bombolo, a founding member, initiator and mentor of our caratartclub.

In collaboration with the great and versatile artist Bombolo, we thrive to create an art world in the caratart Hotel Bombolo, whose flair will be decisively shaped by his works of art. Here you will find the unique lifestyle that reflects the charming artistic way of life.

What is the caratart club?

The caratartclub is an association promoting young and little-known artists.

caratart is a registered association promoting young and little-known artists. The idea for the promotion arose from passion and conviction to make young artists better known through intensive marketing and to make their works accessible to a wider audience. Thus, the association will use all possible marketing and communication measures to promote those artists. The publication and announcement of the artworks is free of charge for the artists. Basically, any artist can register and exhibit his or her artwork. The whole process is accompanied by experienced artists who volunteer their time to the association and act as mentors.

There is an intensive publication of 30-50 selected artworks. This selection changes regularly, so that new artworks are regularly added.


Bombolo - Life, Impact, Works

Immerse yourself in the uniquely colourful and abstract world of Bombolo


-1992 begins to exhibit his work.

-1995 Shoots the film portrait "Security is an Illusion".

-1996 Stay at the Hosshin-ji monastery in Obama, Japan.

-2003 Publication of the book "Neruda Blau".

-2004-07 Various projects, studies and international exhibitions.

-2011 Return to Germany to the Lahn after 29 years in Mallorca.

Solo exhibitions (excerpt):

-1992 "Where the spirit rise" - Palma de Mallorca.

-1993 "Innocente" Tertre Galeria d' Art - Mataro, Barcelona

-1999 Centre d'Art Estaci6 - Sineu, Mallorca

-2002 "Like the Stars" - Gallery Vin d'oc, Berlin

-2004 "Talking Heads" Gallery Forum - Usingen i.Ts.

-2006 "Works on Paper" Galeria Barbara Botz, Pto. Andratx / Mallorca

-2007 " comprendorlo seria Milgro Galeria Fran Reus Palma de Mallorca

-2010 " Noha " Galeria Nou Ou Sarraco Mallorca

-2011 Carat Art Weil am Rhein

-2012 Lellau Fine Art Museum Vonderau Fulda Carat Art Nacht der Musen Munich

-2013 Nit l'Art Sarraco Mallorca, Castle Langenzell near Heidelberg

-2014 Art at the Lahn Loop Wilburg an der Lahn, Studio, Gallery Hendoc. Frankfurt a. M.

-2015 " Peace Bird" Installation for the Wilhelm Knapp School Weilburg an der Lahn

-2016 " Farbspiele " Gallery KSK Weilburg an der Lahn

-2017 Carathotel, redesign with painting and sculptures Düsseldorf, Fire, Water, Earth, Mining and City Museum Weilburg an der Lahn

-2018 "Dream Trees, Tree Dreams " coloured woodcuts, Rosenhang Museum, Weilburg an der Lahn, donation of 4 works to the St. Marien Church in Langhecke

-2019 New Sculptures and Objects Gallery in the Schieferspalthaus in Langhecke

-2020 " CORONA, just don't give up ! " time-related sculptures on general, madness, studio in the slate house, Langhecke, hand-coloured woodcuts of 20 local birds

-2021 The glow of the Heinbuche, 8 light projects Atelier im Schieferhaus, " Ligth my Fire" Open Air. 40 guitars by Jozsi Lak, plus collages, woodcuts and objects.


Quotes from an interview with Bombolo:

When asked how his artwork is created, he replied:

"I go to the canvas and have an idea like that. Then you try to put that into a form or onto the canvas and then it runs away. Then things emerge during the work. The great thing about painting is not the finished picture, but the process. The way there.

It always has something to do with one's own state of mind. And the exciting thing about painting is actually what happens to you during this act. You forget everything, time and space. You've suddenly been in the studio for ten hours, you haven't eaten anything and then you go out and you're completely exhausted."

What Bombolo considers the most important thing about 'being an artist' and what tip he gives to all young artists who are at the beginning of their career:

"That you have the freedom to do anything. So don't paint off, don't repaint. Try to put on the canvas, on paper or whatever medium you're dealing with internally. So be authentic. Try to paint things that touch you in your innermost being. Because then it's painting; everything else is painting off. That's what I would tell a young artist. Don't be distracted by trends and art magazines and what you see in museums. What is important, perhaps in the context of art history, is that every painting that someone paints or that I paint now, for example, already contains, I don't know, two million paintings that have been done before.