carathotels proudly present: Wenke Jungk

Wenke Jungk, managing director of hoteltraube in the beautiful Rhine city of Rüdesheim, is almost an institution within the carathotels brand. She used to work as assistant managing director at our former hotel in Wiesbaden, where she was the heart and soul of the house. At the end of 2014, she transferred to hoteltraube Rüdesheim, where she once again started out as assistant managing director and took over as managing director in mid-2015. As managing director, Wenke is pulling all the strings at the hotel, making sure that hoteltraube’s everyday business runs smoothly at all times.

Our interview with Wenke Jungk

Find out more about our warm and welcoming host in Rüdesheim!

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Wenke Jungk, managing director hoteltraube Rüdesheim
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Wenke Jungk und ihr Team

Describe yourself in a few words!

Disciplined, eager to help, ambitious

What was the most memorable moment in your career so far?

Having been presented with the new challenge of managing hoteltraube back in 2015 and to keep track of new developments at the hotel.

What do you cherish most about your daily work routine?

The close collaboration with my colleagues. Also, the element of surprise waiting for me at work every day.

What will be the biggest professional challenges for you in the next few years?

My biggest challenges will be to observe future developments in the tourism sector and to successfully establish hoteltraube Rüdesheim on the market in the years to come. Another demanding task will be to successfully continue our mission of implementing and expanding our carathotel standards at hoteltraube.

What other profession would you have chosen apart from hotel management?

Doing something else was always out of the question for me.

How does one become managing director of a hotel?

By being at the right place at the right time and by working hard to convince your superiors that you are fit to bear the responsibility of a management position.

What do you love most about Rüdesheim? Can you give us an insider tip for your city?

The vineyards, the river Rhine and the wine produced in our region.
My insider tip for the summer: sitting right in the vineyards in the evening and enjoying the blinking lights of Rüdesheim city and its surroundings. Taking a boat trip across the river Rhine is always a great idea on a hot summer’s day, too.
In the winter, visitors should hit Rüdesheim’s cozy wine bars to try the delicious food and one or more glasses of Riesling wine produced in the Rheingau region.