Excursions in and around Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities – but also its close surroundings offer many attractive and popular excursion destinations.

Neanderthal – a trip in to the history of humanity

Neanderthal Museum near carathotel Düsseldorf
Day trip from carathotel Düsseldorf: Neanderthal Museum

The Neanderthal museum offers an exciting insight into 4 million years of the history of mankind. The development of humanity can be followed through a series of themed rooms and a time tunnel.

Rhine Lignite Coalfield

The insatiable hunger for energy becomes more than evident on a tour through these mines: The Garzweiler open cast mine at Grevenbroich (an extremely colourful spectacle), Kaster near Bedburg and the Hambach open cast mine (at 400 metres deep the largest hole in the world). The Sophienhoehe manmade mountain offers a wonderful view of the lignite mining region.

Surface Miming in Garzweiler: Day trip from carathotel Düsseldorf

Zons – a trip into the Middle Ages

The old fortified customs house of Zons lies on the Rhine bank opposite Benrath Palace, and can be easily reached by ship. The fortified customs house incorporates Friedestrom castle, a closed city wall and St. Peter’s Tower. The Dutch style windmill is an unmistakable highlight.

Duisburg – Port and Zoo

Duisburg Port is the largest inland port in the world and it is certainly worth taking a trip around the harbour with the White Fleet. Duisburg Zoo’s dolphinarium is unique, the first in inland Europe. Visitors can marvel at six different species, including bottlenose dolphins and beluga whales. Another great place to visit is the Chinese Garden with its pandas.

Day Trip trip to the zoo in Duisburg near carathotel Düsseldorf

Indoor Skiing Neuss

Sleighriding in summer? Skiing in the middle of the Ruhr area? No Problem with the indoor ski run in Neuss! Whether a sleigh run, a skiing introduction or just to enjoy some mountain feeling – a trip to the indoor skiing Neuss is always a pleasure and only a 20 minutes car ride from Düsseldorf downtown.


A little further, but with the subway only 45 minutes away is Cologne. The impressive Cologne Cathedral is Europe’s second largest cathedral, the famous 4711 headquaters on Glockengasse und the broad cultural offer make a daytrip to Cologne a must.

Day Trip from carathotel Düsseldorf: Cologne

Lakes in Düsseldorf’s surroundings

Especially on a hot summer day, it is usually a good idea to leave the city behind and spend the afternoon at one of the nice lakes around Düsseldorf. The most popular spot is the Blue Lake (Blauer See) with the neighboring small theme park including a miniature train, bumper cars, trampoline and a bouncing castle.

The Unterbacher See is a nice getaway destination too. There you can try almost all kinds of watersport you can think of. There also is a high rope course to put your dexterity and courage to a test.

Day Trip Düsseldorf: Unterbacher See and Blauer See