• At our caratbreakfast breakfast buffet, we offer a variety of organic products. Whenever possible, we source our products from regional sources.
  • We only use organic bed linen.
  • Our laundry bags are made from renewable raw materials (80% sugar cane and 20% cornstarch).
  • At our bar we use reusable drinking straws made of glass.
  • At the coffee station you will receive returnable cups made from CPLA.
  • Reduction of paper consumption, among other efforts, by sending invoices by email, use of LCD screens in public areas and Suitepad tablets in the rooms for all information about your stay.
  • Our building was built according to current environmental standards, is optimally insulated and thus reduces energy consumption.

In addition, we are constantly keeping our eyes and ears open for new products and opportunities that we can use to help protect the environment.

green hotel protection environment