caratbeds – for a wonderful sleep at carathotels

The core element of our rooms

All of our rooms are equipped with our luxurious caratbeds that guarantee a restful sleep.

A good night’s sleep is more important than ever in our modern times as it will increase your efficiency at work and give you more energy to face the day. This is why the maximum quality of our beds is our top priority.

If you stay at one of our carathotels, you’ll find yourself enjoying a thoroughly restful night in one of our iconic and luxurious caratbeds. Below, we’ll explain all the features that make our caratbeds amazingly comfortable and turn your night into an unforgettable experience!

The basics

The basic element of every caratbed is the foundation, which is basically the bed itself. Our caratbeds consist of high-quality box-spring beds with a special back-friendly Bonell coil spring core as well as a thermo-felt cushion. “Box-spring” literally means “box with coil springs”. Unlike “normal beds”, the mattress does not simply rest on a slatted frame, but on a box-spring core, which looks just like a thick, solid mattress but actually consists of a massive frame and spring cores on the inside. Our decision to use box-spring beds was based on several reasons. For instance, the elevated height of the mattress makes getting up and lying down much easier. However, the most important factor in our decision-making was the excellent sleeping comfort a box-spring bed offers to our guests. The fact that pressure will only be exerted on the springs that lay directly under the body makes the spring core foundation extremely flexible. Thus, the mattress can adapt easily to the body and support the spine while lying down.

The most important element

In a first step, the mattress is being placed on the sophisticated spring core. As usual, we chose only the best products for our caratbeds. Our top mattress has a height of 22 cm, a 2.4 mm Bonell coil spring core as well as an exclusive padding, which relieves pressure on the back as well as the intervertebral discs and makes it extremely comfortable at the same time.

The ultimate highlight: our caratbed Superior

In order to guarantee a divine sleep in our hotels, all caratbeds in our Superior Rooms have been perfected by a high quality mattress topper. The exquisitely fluffy mattress topper makes the bed luxuriously soft and adds a finishing touch to our already snug caratbeds!

Combined, the sophisticated elements of our caratbeds and caratbeds Superior, which are made from the finest materials only, form a celestial sleeping arrangement that guarantees an unforgettably restful night and a thoroughly relaxed morning. In order to protect your health and maintain only the highest hygiene standards, we use high-quality anti-allergenic mattress covers on all our caratbeds.

Just give it a try – you’ll be amazed!

Allergy advice: naturally, our bedding is suited for people suffering from allergies as well.

carathotels - superior comfort of sleeping

Our luxurious caratbeds form the ideal base for your healthy rest and a good night's sleep - but for us, there's more to a perfect sleeping experience, which is why we offer some extra services to make you fall asleep in no time.


Our wonderfully comfortable caratbeds are the core element of our hotel rooms and promise you the sweetest of dreams.

Blankets & pillows

Do you need another blanket or pillow? Just inform our staff at the reception, we will be happy to provide you with anything you need.

Aids to help you sleep

Do you need a cup of warm milk flavored with honey, a relaxing herbal tea or a romantic novel to help you sleep? Just name your desire and we'll take care of it.