Green Rate

Help us protect the environment and save money!

Green Rate carathotel Düsseldorf environment

Usually everything is blue with us ... and yellow ... but from now on carathotels are also green!

When booking via our website, choose our Green Rate and save money with your contribution to environmental protection!
How is this supposed to work? Quite simple acually - by selecting the Green Rate at the time of booking means that you're okay with us not cleaning your room during your stay. 

For the environment this means:

  • Less ecological damage from the use of detergents, electricity, water and other resources when cleaning the room, towels and sheets.

For us this means:

  • The savings of the above resources, but also working hours of our housekeeping staff, so: cash. 
  • We would like to pass on this saving directly to you and thus make our contribution to environmental protection.

For you this means:

  • You save money, namely 5 € per night (from a stay of 2 nights) on the respective rate (only bookable directly through our website).

You have already booked, but without the green rate? And still want to participate in our Green Option?

No problem! Just contact our staff at the reception, we will gladly enter your request in our system. Please understand, however, that we can not grant a discount retrospectively.

Our Green Rate can only be booked directly on our website.