Although the city often looks a little gloomy in the fall, the Olympic Park is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny October’s day. Red and golden leaves on the trees and on the ground, a crystal-clear view that extends as far as the Alps as well as a peaceful tranquility you won’t get in the summer - all of this makes an autumn walk through the Olympic Park a special treat. Why don’t you join us?

Munich BMW Welt
Munich BMW Museum Olympic Park

We begin our tour at the “Olympiazentrum” subway station and walk across the footbridge with its spectacular view of the “BMW-Welt” venue (which happens to be a perfect destination for car enthusiasts or just a spot to warm up before or after the walk ;-)). For now, let’s ignore the majestic Olympic Tower to our right and leave the best for last. Next, we stroll towards the Ice Sports Center. Similar to the remaining facilities of the Olympic Park, there is not much going here at this time of the year (unless, of course, it’s the day of a sports event).

While the whole complex is pretty busy and teeming with people in the summer, the hubbub dies down in the fall. As such, it’s the perfect place to take some time off from the big city and do a little sightseeing. Apart from a few runners and families feeding the ducks, we spotted only few tourists on our walk around the Olympic Lake and thus can enjoy this beautiful autumn day to the fullest!

Passing the huge Olympic Stadium with its characteristic tent-like roof, we’re headed towards the Olympic Hall and the Olympic Swimming Pool, which used to host the “TV Total High Diving Competition”. Visitors also have the unique opportunity to watch current or future swimming athletes in action whilst training or even join them for a swim.

Olympic Park Munich
Autumn Walk through Olympic Park

Now let’s get to the highlight we’ve been looking forward to the whole day: the 189-meter elevator ride up to the observation deck of the Olympic Tower. On a sunny and clear day, you’ll be able to see across the city to the snow-capped mountain tops of the Alps. We’re lucky today: the view is simply majestic, which is why we almost forgot about the Rock Museum Munich one floor below the observation deck with all of its unique relics from Rock’n’Roll history. By the way, the rotating restaurant located 182 meters above ground is ideal to enjoy the stunning view and rest a little. It takes almost an hour for the restaurant to make a full 360° turn. By dessert, you’ll have had a panoramic view of Munich - without having to move an inch.

Television tower Munich
Olympic tower Munich
observation deck Olympic Park Munich
View from the television tower Munich