First of all: you’d better avoid this sightjogging route during Oktoberfest - unless you love obstacle courses through large crowds of people ;-). However, when there’s no major event taking place, this route is actually quite beautiful and worth seeing! It’s particularly interesting right before or after Oktoberfest and Spring Festival - if you’re lucky, you may get to watch the facilities being assembled or dismantled, thus obtaining an exclusive peek behind the scenes.

Running jogging sights Theresienwiese Oktoberfest
Sightjogging in Munich around Theresienwiese

Let’s start directly in front of carathotel München. Take a left and run down “Lindwurmstraße”, which leads away from the city center and towards “Goetheplatz” square. At the square, turn right into “Mozartstraße” and head directly towards “Theresienwiese”, the famous setting for Munich’s annual Oktoberfest. Upon arrival at Theresienwiese, turn left and take the route around the fairground in clockwise direction. Don’t be surprised to find that Theresienwiese is not actually a meadow (as the German name suggests), but a paved square - after all, real grass would not survive the crowds that frequently cross the plaza. Almost halfway around Theresienwiese, you’ll find yourself right in front of a huge Bavaria statue and the Hall of Fame. “Bavaria” is the patroness of the federal state of Bavaria. Within the statue’s head, you’ll find an observation platform with two benches to rest a little. If you have some energy left at this point, you should definitely take the winding staircase up to the platform and enjoy the view across Theresienwiese and the surrounding districts of Munich. To complete your run, take the same route back to the hotel.

Here's the link to the route on Google Maps: Sightjogging around Theresienwiese