Social Responsibility

With these small contributions, we add to your overall carathotel experience.

Green energy

We care for our environment! This is why our hotels in Basel/Weil am Rhein, Düsseldorf and Munich have been running on 100% green power generated from renewable energy sources for several years now. This way, we’re helping preserve our natural resources and our environment!

Do you want to contribute to the protection of our environment as well? Help us reduce our environmental footprint by switching off the lights and TV when leaving the room. Hang your towels on the rack to signal: I’ll be using them again. All these little efforts can make a big difference!

Organic sheets and linen

As of September 2016, the carathotel Basel/Weil am Rhein has started to use organic sheets and linen only.

Art sponsorship

You will hardly find any white walls in our hotels – after all, why should we leave them empty when we can offer them as exhibition spaces to young and talented artists instead? Through the caratart e.V. art association, we assume social responsibility and contribute to sociocultural activities, creativity and innovation.

Discover all the fascinating aspects of our commitment to art.