There are many special reasons why visiting Düsseldorf on a Sunday is particularly recommendable:

  • The famous shopping street “Kö” is pleasantly calm and thus perfect for a relaxing walk through the city – there will be no shopping addicts bustling about or Porsche drivers parading around their luxurious vehicles.
  • Enjoy Düsseldorf’s art scene and cultural life. The best concerts usually take place on Sunday.
  • Avoid the normally gruesome Monday morning routine: sleep in, treat yourself to our 5-star breakfast as well as a glass of prosecco and take a stroll through the city – after all, a trip to Düsseldorf is not the same without at least some shopping activities….

Sunday is our insider tip for one simple reason: it’s the day when our room rates are cheapest! Single rooms can be booked from only EUR 69 per night, the rates for a double room start from EUR 99 per night. It goes without saying that breakfast is included!

But…pssst… don’t spread the news as everyone else might be tempted to book a room as well, thus putting an end to our peaceful Sundays. :)