Discover Baden

Long before Kaiser Franz the 1st elevated this place to his imperial summer residence at the beginning of the 19th century, the Romans bathed in the healing sulfurous thermal springs of the now modern but just as as breathtaking spa town.

A city equally characterized by the recreational requests of aristocrats and wealthy citizens who built impressive villas there, as well as numerous artists and composers who found their inspiration here. Besides Ludwig van Beethoven, who composed his 9th symphony in Baden, Johann Strauss father and son, Franz Grillparzer or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart also enjoyed spending time in Baden near Vienna.

A mixture of imperial flair, picturesque nature, gentle climate and an almost endless cultural and leisure offer, guarantees extraordinary enjoyment and long-term relaxation for body and soul.

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Sights of Baden

Art or culture, music or museums - Baden has an incredible amount to offer for every taste. 

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spa town
Health and Wellbeing

A spa with special status! See for yourself why the UNESCO World Heritage Committee has included Baden in the list of the "Great Spas of Europe". 

Natur, Wandern
Nature and Exercise

Wonderful landscapes, rich natural resources. Baden is the city of natural health promotion.