Activities & sport: actively discovering the Rheingau region

The convenient location of the Rheingau region makes it an Eldorado for outdoor activities. Due to the dry and warm summers and the mild winters, the region offers a pleasant climate all year long. Thus, a trip on the river Rhine to the Lorelei rock or active sports such as Nordic Walking, biking and hiking will be an unforgettable experience. Visitors preferring more moderate activities can take a relaxing stroll through the region to discover its many sights.

Hiking trails

There is so much to discover in the Rheingau and the selection of beautiful routes is so great that we simply couldn’t decide which one is the best. For this reason, here is just a small selection to help inspire you. To see and experience more, simply drop by and find your personal hiking and/or cycling route and tell us about it. We're looking forward to it!

Rüdesheim – Niederwald – Assmannshausen - Rüdesheim

The start of the hike, which is designed to last for three hours, is the cable car in Rüdesheim. From here the route heads towards the Niederwald memorial with the statue of Germania and along the signposted hiking trails to the “Rossel” and “Rittersaal” vantage points. From there, take the chairlift from the Niederwald hunting lodge (Jagdschloss) to Assmannshausen, then walk through the vineyards and by the Ehrenfels ruins before starting the return journey to Rüdesheim.

Rheinanlagen – Marina - Geisenheim Cathedral Square - Rothenberg - Magdalenenkreuz

The walk lasts approximately three hours and reaches an altitude of around 150 metres. Starting in the Rüdesheimer Rheinanlagen (park alongside the river) walk past the remains of the Hindenburg Bridge to Rüdesheim marina. From there take the path to the harbour point, and then follow the bank of the Rhine upriver past the Geisenheim camp site and through the Geisenheimer Rheinanlagen. Next turn left before the sand and gravel plant, and through a small underpass in the direction of the cathedral square (Domplatz) in Geisenheim. Cross the square and then follow Römerberg up to Winkler Strasse. Then follow Behlstrasse to a railway crossing, from where the cross on the Rothenberg is visible. Walk around the Rothenberg to the left to reach the farm road between the Blaubach and Rothenberg. Here continue uphill to Geisenheim Cemetery, the cross the road to Presberg and follow Nothgottesweg. After approx. 500 m head left over the bridge over the Blaubach. Here you’ll find the shooting club from which the town of Eibingen can be seen to the west. Then turn back to Rüdesheim.

Alternatively: a few hundred metres behind the shooting club is the Magdalenenkreuz cross. From here walk downhill again towards the Rhine until you reach and cross through Rüdesheim cemetery. As you do so you might like to think about whether you’d like to stop at the Asbach Visitors’ Centre, since the delicious brandies there are world famous.

Mini tour along the Rhine – 6 km

The hike begins at the “Drosselgasse” parking lot in Rüdesheim. The route follows Rüdesheim’s “Panorama Path”, along the vineyards on “Rüdesheimer Berg” and past the Ehrenfels castle ruin until Assmannshausen. By following the signs towards “Assmannshausen”, you’ll be taking a trip across the whole city and have the chance to enjoy timber-frame houses and enchanting alleys until reaching the river Rhine. Upon arrival at the river, take one of the boats heading to Rheinstein castle, which you can also visit. Afterwards, take the same boat back to Rüdesheim and walk to the starting point of your hike.

The Rhine Castles Trail – 200 km

This hike has it all: 200 km of the Rheingau region’s flora and fauna, fortresses and castles, and a fabulous view of the Rhine Valley. However, with its thirteen day-stages, the Rhine Castles Trail is not for novices. The stages can be selected so that even beginners or occasional hikers will be able to discover the Rheingau by following the river Rhine. In the process structures from the Middle Ages right through to the 19th century can be seen and, in some cases, visited too. Walkers seeking the fabled romance of the Rhine will find it on this hike. The Rheingau region is not only one of the best known wine-growing regions in Germany, known by connoisseurs as the “Weingau” or “wine region”, it is also famous for the Middle Rhine Valley, which covers the stretch of the river from Bingen to Bonn. Along the way are numerous traditional wine taverns (Gutsschänke and Straussenwirtschaften) run by local vintners, which are excellent places in which to break your journey and enjoy a nice drop of wine.

Bike rides

Longcycle rides are also possible, with the 25 km-long Rheingauer Riesling-Radwanderweg being just one option. It links several vineyards in the Rheingau region to one another and can be ridden in a day.

Rhine Cycle Route

The Rhine Cycle Route (Rheinradwanderweg) is divided into different stages. Each of them is unique! Be it for leisurely 12 km rides or more challenging 62 km routes, there’s something for every rider.

Eltville – Castle Tour

The route is approximately 20 km long and takes around 1.5 hours. You will also need a certain amount of stamina when the path visits many sights such as the Electoral Castle in Eltville, the ruins of Scharfenstein Castle in Kiedrich as well as Eberbach Abbey and Hattenheim Castle. A lovely route that enables you to experience several of the most interesting points in the Rheingau.

Segway tours

By riding on a Segway, you’ll be discovering Rüdesheim and the Rheingau region in a rather unusual way. Get to know the region by participating in a guided tour. The advantage of a Segway is that you can travel long distances without physical exercise. It also enables its driver to pass through even the narrowest alleyways. Last but not least, cruising around on a Segway is great fun.

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Winter sports: cross-country skiing trails


Cross-country skiing fans can enjoy their sport in the Lorch district of Espenscheid. There are two trails here, both of which start from the car park on the northern exit from the town. One trail is four kilometres long and is categorised as easy. The other trail is twice as long at eight kilometres and is categorised as moderately difficult. The tracks are varied and run over meadows and along the edge of the forest.

Rhine-Taunus Nature Reserve

Together with the forestry authorities, the Rhine-Taunus Nature Reserve has put together three cross-country skiing tracks. Depending on your mood you can choose from trails that are either 8, 4.5 or 2 km long. Children and older visitors will have no difficulty in negotiating them. The tracks are signposted so that there is no danger of getting lost.


Wiesbaden Golf Club

This golf club, which was founded in 1893, has a long tradition. The 9-hole golf course has recently been redesigned and offers a lovely view of the state capital of Wiesbaden. Green fee players are very welcome and anyone who wishes can attend the associated golf school or try a taster lesson.

Outdoor pools and thermal baths

Summer fun in the outdoor pool or relaxing in hot springs -  after an active day treat yourself to a relaxing break for body and soul in the Rheingau’s outdoor and thermal baths.

Bad Schwalbach

The spa town of Bad Schwalbach is known for its local spring water, which is considered to be extremely healthy, and which delighted historical figures such as Sissi, the Empress of Austria, and Theodore Roosevelt. More information on the spa from

Schlangenbad baths

The Aeskulap thermal baths are in the centre of the town and have a lovely view of the spa park. Information on the thermal baths, thermal springs and outdoor thermal pool can be found on