Why don’t the carathotels have a star rating?

You may have noticed that our hotels do not have a traditional star classification. We would like to briefly explain why.

Criteria catalogues no longer up to date

We decided to take this step a few years ago because we are of the opinion that the existing criteria catalogues of DEHOGA (Deutscher Hotel- und Gaststättenverband e.V.) no longer necessarily meet the demands of modern travellers.

Changing needs of travellers

“In recent years, the hotel industry has changed just as rapidly as the customers’ wishes. The decisive factor is no longer the size of the room or how many additional hangers are hanging in the wardrobe. Quality, service and technology standards that meet the individual demands of the guest are more important to us today than criteria catalogues that are no longer up-to-date,” says Zeljko Holik. “Is a hotel with five-star breakfast but a room size equivalent to only three stars automatically a three-star establishment? Is a hotel that offers a mobile key but no luggage service automatically a two-star establishment? We think that this way of thinking is no longer in keeping with the times. The ratings of our guests show that we are on the right track with our concept. Their satisfaction is and remains the sole yardstick for our actions,” says Zeljko Holik, Managing Director of carathotels.

Focus on sustainability and resource conservation

Our guests’ needs are our top priority and we are constantly coming up with new ways to meet them. So most recently we have also adapted our cleaning cycle. Because both the feedback from our guests and our own understanding of responsible economic action showed us that daily cleaning of rooms and changing of bed linen is unnecessary and even undesirable in many cases – and at the same time consumes a large amount of resources such as energy and water as well as cleaning agents. Therefore, our rooms are now cleaned and the bed linen changed only every 2nd day as standard (on request and for an additional charge, we will continue to carry out housekeeping daily). The resulting savings enable us to keep our prices constant even during the current economic situation and inflation. A win-win-win for guests, hotel and environment!